Breaking Ground – Live August 3, 1977 2LP


Ships on: July 22, 2024

Released: May 14th, 2021

Track listing:

1. Living In The U.S.A. (Side A)
2. Space Cowboy (Side A)
3. Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma (Side A)
4. Come On In My Kitchen (Side A)
5. Wild Mountain Honey (Side A)
6. The Window/Winter Time (Side B)
7. The Stake (Side B)
8. Mercury Blues (Side B)
9. Serenade (Side B)

1. Take The Money And Run (Side A)
2. Jet Airliner (Side A)
3. Space Intro (Side A)
4. Fly Like An Eagle (Side A)
5. Rock’n Me (Side B)
6. The Joker (Side B)
7. Seasons (Side B)
8. So Long Blues (Side B)