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Ultimate Hits 4LP

Released: September 15th, 2017


Side A
1. Steve Miller At Age Five Talking To His Godfather Les Paul
2. Gangster Of Love [Live]
3. The Joker
4. Baby's Callin' Me Home
5. My Dark Hour
6. Little Girl

Side B
1. Living In The USA [Live]
2. Space Cowboy [Live]
3. Seasons
4. Journey From Eden
5. Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma

Side A
1. Going To Mexico
2. Kow Kow Calculator [Live]
3. Come On Into My Kitchen [Live]
4. Sugar Babe [Live]
5. The Lovin' Cup [Live]

Side B
1. Dance, Dance, Dance
2. Take The Money And Run
3. Rock'n Me
4. Space Intro
5. Fly Like An Eagle

Side A
1. Wild Mountain Honey
2. The Window
3. Take The Money And Run [Demo]
4. In The Midnight Hour
5. Jungle Love

Side B
1. Threshold
2. Jet Airliner
3. The Stake
4. Swingtown
5. Serenade From The Stars

Side A
1. True Fine Love
2. Heart Like A Wheel
3. Abracadabra
4. I Want To Make The World Turn Around
5. Italian X Rays

Side B
1. Don't Cha Know
2. Cry Cry Cry
3. Stranger Blues
4. Behind The Barn